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RE: Tiger Predation - Shadow - 10-25-2020

(10-05-2020, 10:18 AM)Rage2277 Wrote: https://www.facebook.com/vkumawat/videos/10217001286256130Today marks a historic day at the beginning of the new season of Ranthambore When Arrowhead's young daughter Riddhi attacked a wild boar.. Remember , Riddhi is the daughter of Arrowhead , Granddaughter of Krishna & Great granddaughter of the famous tigress MACHALI Arrowhead's daughter Riddhi was completely hidden in the grass. Suddenly a wild boar came there. Riddhi attacked the wild boar. There were lots of crocodiles around the water's edge. Just then, a crocodile swiftly approached the wild boar and tried to free him from the tiger. But Tiger did not release the wild boar! Crocodiles attacked the tiger's back legs more than 2 times. Then tried to fight with the crocodile. The crocodile accepted its defeat and came back into the water. Riddhi dragged the wild boar inside the grass. Ranthambhore Today afternoon October 2020 Video - Vijay Singh

That description is odd. Here is a better video of the same case. Tiger was fighting to kill the wild boar when crocodile came there and tried to bite the tiger (once, not "more than 2 times") which jumped over the wild boar to avoid the bite and then simply dragged wild boar further away. Tiger didn´t try to fight with crocodile, it just moved further to avoid being disturbed by it again. And crocodile obviously decided not to follow more then. Looks like "narrator" wanted to put some more dramatic elements there than there were in reality. (Unless there is more footage and something happened before or after this footage but it really doesn´t look like it. One crocodile tried to get something and tiger made fast evasive moves.)

Still respect for this tiger, it didn´t let prey to run away even under pressure. Impressive alone without invented extra dramatization. 

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 11-05-2020

Tigress takes down a boar @ Corbett.

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 11-14-2020

Ravan on a gaur kill. It’s like he has never been away.

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 11-15-2020

Grom killed bear in China.

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 11-16-2020

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 11-24-2020

Tiger eyeing the elephant cub while the herd not having any of it from Kabini.

Swipe to see the video.

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 11-25-2020

Paaro and cubs hunting deer. They took down a couple of them and then were playing in the river after feasting.

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 11-25-2020


*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Tiger Predation - Rishi - 11-28-2020

Full video ;

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-01-2020

RE: Tiger Predation - Shadow - 12-03-2020

From August 2016, Bandhavgar Tiger Reserve, in Madhya Pardesh, India. This Sambar deer decided to die another day and fought 20 minutes and was able to flee. Some photos and more can be found in article.

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author


RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-08-2020

Ranveer Singh Gautam

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 12-08-2020

Stalking an injured elephant calf

RE: Tiger Predation - Rishi - 12-09-2020

(12-08-2020, 09:25 PM)Ashutosh Wrote: Stalking an injured elephant calf

Ah, a good example of persistence-hunting in tigers... They do this a lot actually especially with bigger prey. Injure & follow & repeat.

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-10-2020