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RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-23-2019

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 12-24-2019

*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 12-24-2019

 กรมอุทยานแห่งชาติ สัตว์ป่า และพันธุ์พืช-The clip clearly captures the tiger hkt204 as a bull hunter. A full wife near mae sa camp in Mae Wong National Park area.

As of December 22, 2562, Mr. Ki Cuddle, the chief of Mae Wong National Park, kamphaeng phet - nakhon sawan province, the 12th conservation area (Nakhon Sawan). Report that found a bull's carcass, a full-time wife, dead in the area near the right water, before going to the motorcycle, the way to the camp. Mae Kra is 50 meters away from the walking path because of being hunted by the tiger and then with the WWF LED the trap camera. Took a shot around the bull's carcass to collect that insights.

When the line of December 23, 2562, the authorities had opened the camera that was secretly taken. See that it was found that the picture and the clear clip that the bull was hunted by the tiger.

According to the inspection of the team, the researchers of the department of National Parks, wildlife and plants and researchers of WWF found that the tiger was seen in the video clip, which was eating the carcass, such a tiger, is the tiger, hkt 204 or mkm8, the gender, the grown-up. Getting into a grown-up age (old adult)

From the tiger database of the wildlife research station, khao she found that this tiger has a birthplace in the wildlife sanctuary. Huai looks is the son of the tiger. Hkt 165 used to take the first photo in the year. 2556 later, we have been traveling to live in the national park in Mae Maze National Park. It can be taken from 2557 to present.

According to the event, the tiger is a wild forest that is important to use the area that supports the distribution of the tiger from the wildlife sanctuary of huai looks, which is a hotbed of tiger. (Tiger Source Site) important of Thailand is part of the western forest with large space and biodiversity of plants and wildlife. It is the most suitable area to preserve endangered endangered wildlife. With our world forever

The researchers of the department of National Parks, wildlife and plants will find a plan to catch this tiger with a collar on the radio. to keep the long-term data of the tiger in the forest level, it will be able to follow the tiger population accurately and Continuously, to implement, plan and manage to conserve efficiency, according to the next tea.

Information / photos
1. Mr ki cuddle national thar
See. . Mother Band, Sop District 12

2. Dr The cuddle th of the year.
Department of academic affairs
Sop. Lol


RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 12-24-2019

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author

*This image is copyright of its original author
 same tiger as above also a female in the last photo might be the mate

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 12-24-2019

(12-21-2019, 12:23 AM)Rage2277 Wrote:
(12-19-2019, 03:04 PM)Apollo Wrote: Old footage of Bamera feeding on a deer kill.

that's bokha


RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 12-24-2019

Bangkok post mentioned it was a Bengal tiger which had migrated from Huai Kha Kheing wildlife sanctuary.

They are surely mistaking the subspecies. Definitely an Indochinese tiger.


RE: Tiger Predation - sanjay - 12-24-2019

This great grand cub of Machhli (T16) is just a year old but she has the legacy of her great grandma in her genes to attack the crocodiles.
She was crouching stealthily towards this nonchalantly basking crocodile ashore Rajbag lake, but the reptile was attentive enough to sense the approaching predator and seemingly aware of the family history, it immediately slipped into the waters and evaded the tussle.

Tigress attack crocodile
*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Tiger Predation - Greatearth - 12-25-2019

Tiger hunting on boar is always the best!

#1,789  Ashutosh
What is the interaction between the Sundarban tigers and salty croc? I remember someone in wildfact was saying that tigers in western coast of India normally dominated the saltwater crocodiles. I am not sure where did he got that information from. It would be amazing if it was true.

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 12-29-2019

Tiger kills a small deer in Ranthambore.

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 12-29-2019

*This image is copyright of its original author
Monu Dubey Pench‎-

An attempt and then a SUCCESSFUL kill by Langdi subadult


Pench mp

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 12-29-2019

langdi cubs chasing chital vid from M.P. Tiger Foundation Society, India

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 12-29-2019

@Greatearth Tigers and Estuarine crocodiles give each other a wide berth in Sunderbans. Makes sense as well because their overlap is minimal. It’s a different dynamic to Mainland tigers and mugger crocodiles where tigers are definitely the dominant of the two. I don’t know who told you about saltwater crocodiles on western coast, but there are none on western coast. All saltwater crocodiles are found in Bay of Bengal, so India’s eastern coast and Andaman Islands.

Till the 1970s, there were tigers in Bhitarkanika national park (today it’s famous for huge saltwater crocodiles), and this also being a mangrove system, it would have been interesting to see the dynamic in play here between the two apex predators especially as crocodiles here are bigger than Sunderbans.

RE: Tiger Predation - Rage2277 - 12-30-2019

RE: Tiger Predation - Greatearth - 12-31-2019

It was my typo. Eastern coastal area of India, not western. And I read it from here #512. If you read here, the post says that tigers were generally dominated the salty crocodiles in the past before anthropogenic activities. I remember Peter wrote the post on one Malayan tiger and saltwater crocodile died together from battle in one old book. It could have been either salty crocodile or False gharial. I have one friend who told me interesting stories about competition on these two predators.

RE: Tiger Predation - Ashutosh - 12-31-2019

Two stories of tiger predation gone wrong from Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

In first instance, a two year old tigress succumbed to her injuries taking on a gaur. The wildlife official said “Last month, we allowed a two year old tigress to die from grievous injuries she had suffered from a clash with an Indian Gaur”.

The second instance is a fascinating instance of tiger behaviour. Two ten month old male cubs decided to hunt porcupine for themselves. In the process, they were subjected to more than 30 quills piercing them and one of them was rendered immobile as he was unable to pick out two quills from his foot.

The Pench Tiger Reserve director said “ The Tipeshwar cub was moving with another male sibling while their mother and a female sibling were moving separately in nearby hills. The two cubs apparently tried to hunt porcupines and ended up getting stuck with quills. They managed to remove most of the quills - we counted over 30 from the spot. However, this particular cub couldn’t manage to extricate two quills stuck in it’s foot, and hence was unable to move”.

The forest officials didn’t want to intervene and decided to wait after spotting it on December 12th.

He further added “ All the while, the other male remained in it’s company, and both were starving. So, we decided to intervene. After shooing away the other cub away, we tranquilized the immobile one and removed the quills from it’s foot. After it regained consciousness, we gave it meat. We also gave some pieces to the other cub which was loitering around. After monitoring it for 24 hours, we released it into the wild”.

Two fascinating behaviour traits come out from this. One is the loyalty of the sibling and the other being the parenting style of the mother who is somehow putting her cubs to a test at such a young age.