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RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-27-2019

(01-27-2019, 07:41 PM)Shadow Wrote: Thank you for trying! :) I guessed, that it can be difficult to understand even when speaking same language, voice quality is quite poor :/

No no. My mother language is not Hindi, it's "Telugu", though I can speak and understand Hindi and English too. Can understand somewhat Japanese and Gujarati. But sanjay is familiar with Hindi as he's from there i.e.., North Indians or "Hindi wala" or Hindi people. Hence I assisted his help. :)

RE: Tiger Predation - Shadow - 01-27-2019

(01-27-2019, 07:45 PM)Sanju Wrote:
(01-27-2019, 07:41 PM)Shadow Wrote: Thank you for trying! :) I guessed, that it can be difficult to understand even when speaking same language, voice quality is quite poor :/

No no. My mother language is not Hindi, it's "Telugu", though I can speak and understand Hindi and English too. Can understand somewhat Japanese and Gujarati.  But sanjay is familiar with Hindi as he's from there i.e.., North Indians or "Hindi wala" or Hindi people. Hence I assisted his help. :)

It is so easy here, we all speak finnish Grin Small minority also swedish. English is taught to all in school  as mandatory, other languages then can be chosen voluntarily. But if there is some video with finnish people... impossible to make a mistake for me :)

RE: Tiger Predation - Apollo - 01-27-2019

(01-21-2019, 10:29 PM)Pckts Wrote: Anup Vittal
That thrilling moment when the tiger that’s been stalking his target (Gaur), is about to launch the attack! Chota Matka at Tadoba, Dec 2018

*This image is copyright of its original author

Here is the video of the incident.

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-27-2019

Tiger sisters of Telia killing gaur. Skip to last part of the video.

A sub adult tigress around 2 yrs called Lara killed an adult male Gaur in his prime which can weigh upto 1.5 tons which was once the weakest sister in their coalition of four female siblings. But at this time she led the pack to have a full time launch after a long lasting hunger period. In this venture three of her sisters (Sonam, Mona and Geeta) lend Lara a helping hand fend off the whole Gaur herd.

RE: Tiger Predation - Pantherinae - 01-27-2019


Not even the mighty Umarpani wants to mess with this massive bull face to face! 
Stunning video of the two giants of Central India.

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-28-2019

Any instances or evidences of Tigers imitating the calls (mating) of other animals to successfully attract/demise/lure prey???

RE: Tiger Predation - Suhail - 01-28-2019

A gaur waskilled by tiger(10 mar 2016)

*This image is copyright of its original author

The incident happened aryankavu in kerala.the gaur was frequently sighted grazing along the road by locals and tourists of jungle safaris for a week.
The tourists who went to see the animal were returned with sightings of carcass eaten by tiger.Aprox location

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-30-2019

Tiger Chasing Spotted Deer Fawn, Most interesting thing is, the male tiger was guarding the dead Gaur from other animals and birds and in the event it surprised everyone by chasing the fawn. In the end, fawn survived and was enjoying with the mother. Tiger returned back to the dead Gaur.

Picture From @kiran.nagendra 

Nagarahole, Karnataka

This is a post made to show the complex nature of animal emotions. The small fawn lives!.

Read below to find out why.
This photo is from Pawan Menon. This tiger did not eat this animal.
Most of the time when predators befriend one of these prey animals it is because they have had physiological issues, for example a lion getting thrown out of a pride might cause them to want companionship and might cause them to befriend a prey animal.

The second reason might be that curiosity kicks in. Even though they are big cats, they can display curiosity and start to play with prey animals.

The third is the most interesting. This tigress is pregnant. She not only has hormones running through her but she also has maternal instincts. Because of these maternal instincts she let this animal live. This prey animal is just a baby and must have made her feel compassion as though the prey animal was hers or she wanted to get practice holding young before her litter arrived.
This tiger also picked up this deer and started to walk with the deer in her mouth. Because this tiger was pregnant she was learning how to handle her cub by practicing on this deer.
What are your thoughts??

Credits to @shizzyswildcatrescue

RE: Tiger Predation - Spalea - 01-30-2019

@Sanju :

About #1527: interesting interpretations ! It's the first time I read such account about a tigress's behaviour. Till now, events like this concerned the lionesses. Lionesses befriended with cub wildebeest for example, and also a cub baboon. The most spectacular being this lionness lactating a cub leopard. I have believed this was because lions are social animals, and because of a social temperament a little bit... rogue. I was wrong naturally. The tiger are solitary animals...

I believe above all that felids (and mammals predators) are complex animals whose deep reasons, motivations remain unknown. Felids are able to resent from time to time some emotionnal cripples. An affective intrusion through an instinctive properly adjusted life

Now, I will retain your interpretations.

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-30-2019

@Spalea Nature is Surprising and unpredictable. Any thing can happen my friend Like

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-30-2019


With his pride kill!!! Tiger(subadult) with Wild Boar kill in Bhadra Tiger reserve Karanatka

Picture from @lavanya_venugopal - “When the queen decided to give up”
She was relaxing near the water source when this Gaur walked in. We as usual were very anxious to see what happens next! The tiger and gaurs exchanged looks.

No she didn’t hunt, she was scared infact.

And when she saw a group of gaurs she just left the place.
A dream come true to get the prey and predator in the same frame.

Picture from @philliprossphotography - A Tiger that ruled | Kabini ⠀

Taken a few years ago - the handsome backwater male tiger. ⠀

This is what we found in our first safari !!

Picture from @abhishek_shettyy - Half an hour in our first safari we spotted this young male near tiger tank. Spent almost 20mins watching him. After a while he went into the bushes and peeped at us to check if we are still Around !! . Kabini forest

Picture from @mithunhphotography - Tigress with Kill

Early into the morning drive in the bone chilling winters of January we decided to avoid the traffic and take a lesser used road in the jungle to track the courting pair of Tigers whom we had seen the previous evening. This road is narrow with no clearing on the sides and if you do see anything it would either be on the road or in the pathways. We had travelled about 10 mins on that road when we suddenly bumped into this bold Tigress standing just a few feet away in the pathway leading out of a watersource. We quickly backtracked so she could cross the path ahead of us. As we waited reviewing our pictures we heard a short loud cry and before we realised what had happened the Tigress was back on the track but this time with a Deer fawn in her jaws. She gave us one look before disappearing again into the thick undergrowth.

Knowing the habits of this Tigress we knew she would be on the perpendicular road which she frequently uses in the summers as it connects two water sources. But it would take time as she would consume the fawn before moving again. Almost after two hours we were back on that road to be treated to something even more special.

Tigers and Gaur from @sudhirshivaram .
After getting into wildlife photography, though I had been visiting jungles very frequently (almost once or twice a month) for close to 10 years, I had not seen a Tiger in the wild. That was the kind of luck I had with this big cat! I did not want to visit Bandhavgarh or other places to see it. My intent was to see it in the South-Indian jungles.

This came true in Oct 2006, when I visited Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (It was still not a Tiger reserve then). Of course, I never used to go into the wild hoping to see a Tiger; that was never on my list. The sighting at Bhadra is usually dull. During the morning safari, I saw a herd of Gaur crossing the safari path. I was very excited to see Gaurs at Bhadra and asked the driver to stop. I started photographing this herd.

The driver looked back at me and asked what I was shooting. I said “Gaurs crossing the road”. To which, he said “Sudhir Sir, forget the Gaurs, shoot the two Tigers sitting on the road!!!”. That was the moment I had been waiting for, for 10 years! And, what a way to see and photograph them.

Obviously, from that distance, I could only see a huge patch of black Gaurs moving and missed seeing the two Tigers sitting on the road. That was a moment I will cherish all my life.

With the Kill on the fringes of the forest !! .

Picture from @neeraj_bantia .

Picture from @raghu_gumballi - The king overlooking at the territory from its throne. kabini forest.

Picture from @sty_ir - Beef stroganoff

When livestock enter the forests, they end up becoming easy prey for tigers and leopards.
When these cats become old and weak, they stray into near by villages in search of these easy pray.
This results in man-animal conflicts and solving this problem plays a huge role in big cat conservation programs. kabini.
Picture from @yashasnarayan.photography

igress makes off with her unusual quarry, a young #leopard , at the SARISKA Tiger Reserve (Not from Karnataka)

Image: Abhimanyu Singh
Image courtesy @sanctuaryasia

Forests of Central India where Tiger Rules. Summer is a toughest season for their survival when temperature goes above 45 Deg C and sometime up to 48 to 49 Deg C. Most of the forest loses their natural sources of water during pick summer and survival of these big cats is more challenging during this environment when natural water sources get dried out. FD & Several NGO are making their best effort to make Water available by other means for the survival of these big cats and other wild animals. In result, Solar Panels has been installed at various places inside forest which is ongoing activity mostly during summer for their Installation & Maintenance. It is equally challenging for workers and FD Staff to install and maintenance of these solar panels where existence of big cats and other wild animals are there or in the vicinity area. What we witnessed on 25th May during our morning safari is, Tiger Cubs approached towards nearby temple during their morning stroll where some work related material was kept near the temple in order to continue Installation of Solar Panel on next day. One of the female Tiger Cub found this bucket in same area and as a curiosity she picked up this bucket and ran away inside the forest. During afternoon drive we came to know, these cubs left the bucket near Solar panel and same has been collected by Workers. It is more challenging for these workers to work in area where we can’t deny probability of existence of Tiger & Other Wild Animals. Thanks to all for their great effort which they are making for survival of Big Cats and other Wild Animals.
Save Tigers... They are one of the most beautiful creature in this World.
Picture from @hemant.masurkar - Shot at Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary (Not from Karnataka)

When there is too much traffic near the watering hole !!
Picture from @mommys_litl_soldier

Head on meeting of the prey and the predators!!
Picture from @vikas_rumale

This is an image that will be a double take. Look closely. Ok this may go wrong but it’s powerful. It’s not cute. It’s one of the most upsetting images I’ve ever taken. I’ve seen multiple kills. I’ve seen many animals die. But to see a fawn still alive and looking “content” in Arrowhead’s jaws is too much for me. I’m not soft but I’m an animal hugger. It’s nature in the raw, it’s life but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. What do you think?

Picture from @wildmanrouse


The tiger's tongue is covered with numerous small, sharp, rear-facing projections called papillae. These papillae gives the tongue is rough, rasping texture and is designed to help strip the skin, feathers, fur and meat right off its prey

Tigers are known to kill the elephant Calf’s, notice the Elephants protecting the calf in this picture. This one was clicked at Nagarahole Tiger Reserve.
Picture from @abdulshez

RE: Tiger Predation - Sanju - 01-30-2019

The circle of life, brutal yet beautiful as a Tigress robs a doe of her fawn to feed her three cubs.
Picture from @ashishparmarphotography

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 01-30-2019

Kunwar Shantanu Singh

A Tiger who is so hard to find........

A Tiger who is still the dream of many photographers & wildlife lovers......
A Tiger who is still ruling like a dominant king.......

But his confidence makes you love to him.......
Just watch him once in your life & forget about all of your tiger sightings......

Ranthambhore National Park

*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Tiger Predation - Pantherinae - 02-01-2019


Wagdoh hunting gaur!

RE: Tiger Predation - Pckts - 02-01-2019

(02-01-2019, 02:05 AM)Pantherinae Wrote:


Wagdoh hunting gaur!

Don't believe this was Wagdoh, I posted this a few pages back where they discussed it.
Not on his page but on one of the forum pages I believe, I'll try to find it.

Here's the convo https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=viraj%20raut%20tigers%20of%20tadoba%20waghdoh&epa=SEARCH_BOX

Who knows for sure, doesn't look like Wagdoh to me though.