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How and when to book a Tiger Safari in India - naturesafari - 07-09-2021

Before we answer the burning question on when one should book a tiger safari in India, it is Important to understand the story behind the question. It is safe to say, that the Tiger is most photographed animal in the world. And by all means, there are very few animals that can match the royal demeanor of a Tiger as it nonchalantly walks through breathtaking landscapes. It’s an image many will regard as one of the most memorable of their lives.

Tiger Tourism

The love for Tigers has grown faster than what the national parks could anticipate in India. While the overall tourism has grown by about 5%, Tiger tourism has seen an increase of about 12-15% consistently over the years. The main reason behind such numbers is the growing love of Indians towards their wildlife. Boasting a population of 1.3 billion, even a percentage of Tiger lovers in India is not small by any margin. Let us not forget that nature and wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe are pouring in too. The apex court understood this growth and placed strict regulations in 2012 to guide wildlife tourism forward.
The carrying capacity of the national parks was subsequently calculated and wherever the number of vehicles going to the park were found to be high, they were curtailed. Many parks in India lost out close to 50% of the vehicles. Currently, tourism takes place in only about 20% area of the national parks. The balance 80% of the park is completely devoid of human activity, which allows the wildlife carry out their extraordinary lives without any disturbances.

Rural Development, Conservation and Increasing Tiger Numbers

With Tiger tourism in India surging over the last decade. It’s no surprise that the inflow of visitors too has increased. Finding new and unique ways to accommodate an unprecedented outpour of guests The rural economies of India’s Tiger parks have flourished. While tourism has proved to be a worthy guardian angel of India’s national animal, the Tigers of India have given us more than we could even predict. Jobs are on the rise, livelihoods have been created, Infrastructure improved, while amenities such as electricity and education have been prioritized. By protecting and cherishing this beloved animal, not only have we helped the local communities but we’ve also safeguarded some of our pristine habitats and the countless number of species that play an important role in what we call the ‘Web of Life’. Tiger numbers have since then grown by a staggering 33% according to the recent census which means that the chances of seeing one in the wild is more likely than ever before.

How and when to book a Tiger Safari in India

We would advise one to book their safari at least 5-6 months’ prior to the date of travel. The reason for the long period is because many parks in the country open the online booking portal for the safari permits 120 days prior to the safari date. And with limited safari permits, they tend to get booked extremely fast. If one needs their safari booked 120 days earlier, they’d have to be certain of their travel plans even earlier. Hence, 5-6 months would be ideal. They should then proceed to submit their identification details and deposits to their tour operator if they wish to see the tiger in the wild.

Importance of the right Tour Operator for booking a Safari

Booking a safari well in advance will also give one’s Tour Operator enough notice to plan the safaris accordingly. Many parks are categorized into different tourism zones and keeping track of the movement of certain individuals might be crucial in increasing one’s probabilities of witnessing the Tiger. Therefore, it is vital that one chooses a tour operator who is well versed and up to date with the parks and the latest sightings. Although, no one can possibly guarantee tiger sightings, an experienced tour operator will most certainly craft the right tours where the chances of seeing the elusive striped cat is considerably higher.

So, do your research and book soon. The ‘Land of the Tigers’ awaits.