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A review of forum policies - tigerluver - 05-05-2021

Hi everyone,

Recently we have had a bit of trouble and figured this would be a good time to touch on our policies one more time. The purpose of this thread is to briefly explain what we seek for WildFact and what steps we have to take to ensure the quality of the forum. 

The goal of our website is to share information in a respectful, pleasant, and constructive manner. We have been very fortunate to be composed of a community that excellently achieves this goal. Moreover, while we always emphasize data, we acknowledge that hypotheses, theories, and conjecture are all part of the critical thinking needed in science. As such, we allow and even encourage these aspects as long as they are done respectfully and in a manner that acknowledges scientific and historic data. 

Conversely, a poster that pushes only conjecture while intentionally ignoring data or picking data to their liking is not suitable for our board. A recent ban had to be enacted after multiple warnings due to a poster conducting the following infringements:

1. Intentionally misinterpreting or misrepresenting data continuously to prove their point.
2. Completely ignoring data presented if it contradicted their assertion. 
3. Circular arguments and insatiable desire to have the last word, no matter how empty.

These types of posts are unhealthy for both our posters and the forum. Therefore, we have the following moderation policy:

1. The poster in question will first be given good advice on how to fix their posts.
2. If the advice is not heeded, a warning will be given.
3. If the warning is not heeded, the poster will be permanently banned. 

However, we had another poster recently banned as well without these 3 warnings. The reasoning is simple, WildFact, comprised of members from all across the globe, has zero tolerance for racism and xenophobia. Any posts with such intentions will result in an immediate ban of the poster without warning.

Again, we have been fortunate that these steps have to be very rarely enacted and sincerely appreciate the community. If there any questions, please feel free to private message one of the moderators.