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Feral and Invasive Tigers of Texas and Florida - Sanju - 05-04-2019

Feral and Invasive Tigers of Texas and Florida

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Is this legit, or is it a hoax. Lots of pigs and deer to feed a tiger in this area..... I wouldn't be surprised, based on how many of these exotics exist on private land and ranches in Texas. A was only a matter of time before one got, or was set, loose. Maybe along with the Deer and pigs or feral hogs the Tiger could also eat the drug dealers in the area.

The whole 'more tigers in Texas than in the wild' is a game of telephone with data over a decade out of date. It’d be great if we could get some “American Tigers”, aka the Jaguar, hanging back around the Rip Grande. Wanhsien/Amur Tiger remains have been found across Beringia.

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Looks like a tiger from kaziranga