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Andrew Ucles - Sanju - 01-02-2019

Name: Andrew Ucles.

Country: Australia

Websites: http://www.andrewucles.com/

Profession: Nature Explorer, wildlife documentary film maker, Wildlife Explorer cum Adventurer (Studying in Australian university about Wildlife).

Disorder: Funny all time, has a disorder of his body releasing adrenaline along with Oxytocine which make him do that thing again. many people and he himself Calls him as Homo sapiens retardus or retard man.

Specialties: Captures any animal with bare hands on bare foot like primitive man. Makes a documentary on it and releases it back into the wild unharmed.

Why he does so? He gets that euphoria feeling due to the produce of oxytocin during the adventurous thrill he get during that dangerous encounter and capturing of wild animals. He feels bonded with Nature. For that feeling of anxiety and wildlife or nature enthusiasm he does soo again and again. He films them in episodes.

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