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RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - BloodyClaws - 03-20-2020

Bear terror in India

लूमी तोक में भालू का आतंक
बागेश्वर। मल्ला दानपुर के लूमी तोक भालू के आतंक से लोगों में दहशत है। ग्रामीणों ने भालू के आतंक से निजात दिलाने की मांग उठाई है। बृहस्पतिवार की रात एक ग्रामीण के गौशाले में घुसकर दो मवेशियों को मार डाला था। वन विभाग की टीम ने गांव का दौरा किया। तीख गांव के लूमी तोक में बृहस्पतिवार को देर रात भूपाल सिंह के गोेशाले में घुसकर भालू ने एक गाय और एक बछिया को मार डाला और अन्य बैलों, गायों को बुरी तरह घायल कर दिया। इस घटना के बाद से लोगों में दहशत है। जिला पंचायत सदस्य गोविंद दानू ने बताया कि क्षेत्र के लोग बच्चों को अकेले स्कूल भेजने से डर रहे हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि लूमी निवासी भूपाल सिंह पशुपालन के व्यवसाय से ही आजीविका चलाते हैं। भालू के हमले से उनकी आजीविका चौपट हो गई है। इधर पशु चिकित्सा विभाग की टीम भी वहां गई। घायल पशुआें का उपचार तथा मृत पशुआें का पोस्टमार्टम किया गया। प्रभागीय वनाधिकारी आर सी शर्मा ने बताया कि वन विभाग की टीम भी टीम गांव का भ्र्रमण कर चुकी है। भालू को पकड़ने की कार्रवाई संपूर्ण परिस्थितियों की जांच के बाद नियमानुसार ही संभव हो सकेगी। मुआवजा भी नियमानुसार ही दिया जा सकेगा।
Bear terror in Lumi Tok
Bageshwar The terror of Lumi Tok Bear of Malla Danpur is frightening among people. The villagers have raised the demand to get rid of the terror of bears. On Thursday night, a villager entered a cow shed and killed two cattle. The forest department team visited the village. On Thursday night at Lumi Tok in Tikh village, a bear entered Bhospal Singh's Goshale and killed a cow and a heifer and badly injured other bulls and cows. People have panic since this incident. District Panchayat member Govind Danu said that people of the area are afraid to send children to school alone. He said that Bhupal Singh, a resident of Lumi, makes a living from the animal husbandry business. Their livelihood is destroyed by the bear attack. Here the team of Veterinary Department also went there. Treatment of injured animals and post mortem of dead animals were done. Divisional Forest Officer, RC Sharma said that the team of
the forest department has also infiltrated the village. The action of catching the bear will be possible only after checking the entire circumstances. Compensation will also be given as per rules.

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Rishi - 03-25-2020

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - BorneanTiger - 04-02-2020

- The USA is trailing behind other countries—including Mexico and India—when it comes to animal protection laws for farmed and wild animals, a report published by non-profit World Animal Protection (WAP) has revealed: https://www.newsweek.com/united-states-mexico-india-animal-protection-laws-report-finds-1491419

- Wild animals, including crocsand turtles, took over deserted tourist hotspots in southeast Mexico. One of the videos shows a jaguar walking a city street at night. According to local media, the jaguar was also spotted inside the complex of the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa in Tulum: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8171623/Wild-animals-control-Mexican-resorts.htmlhttps://expressdigest.com/wild-animals-take-back-control-of-mexican-resorts/https://www.newsoneplace.com/12740321911/wild-mexican-animalshttps://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/wild-animals-coronavirus-nature-reclaims-resorts/https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/11296029/wild-animals-mexico-resort-coronavirus-closed/

Videos have captured the animals in Quintana Roo, where the resorts of Cancun and Riviera Maya are located. One video, which has been watched 120,000 times on Facebook, shows a huge crocodile swimming along a canal between balconies. The people filming express their shock at the animal as he swims past without stopping for the people watching him. Another video captured a jaguar roaming the streets of Tulum. According to local media, the big cat was spotted near the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa.

*This image is copyright of its original author

A turtle was spotted laying its eggs - ahead of the usual seasonCredit: Newsflash/@ecologiacancun

*This image is copyright of its original author

It is rare for turtles to lay eggs in the area due to urbanisation and a bustling populationCredit: Newsflash/@ecologiacancun

A leatherback sea turtle was even caught laying 112 eggs on the beach in front of a luxury hotel in Cancun. Alfredo Arellano, secretary of ecology and environment of the state of Quintana Roo, said the turtle sighting was "very unusual". He explained: "On an average, we only have one leatherback turtle nesting per year in the entire state and the nesting season doesn't start until May." Alfredo added that they were endangered due to the urbanisation of the area. He said it was likely to have happened "because in the absence of people, with hotels closed, beaches empty, streets without cars, wildlife naturally returns to those areas".

- Construction of Trump's wall is expanding, despite the pandemic, which is bad news for animals there: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2020/03/new-border-wall-us-mexico-imperil-jaguars-other-animals/

- Kashmiri or Cashmere goats invade Llandudno, a North Welsh seaside resort which got deserted because of COVID-19: https://wildfact.com/forum/topic-caprines-including-goats-and-sheep?pid=112782#pid112782

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Ashutosh - 04-06-2020

Black bears, Brown bears and Rhinos are facing an increased threat because bear bile and rhino horn are components used in making Chinese Traditional medicine prescribed to treat coronavirus. Not good news as last year WHO gave approval to all of TCM and as pointed by @Rishi in post #347, trade in animal parts for traditional medicine is exempted by the Chinese govt.


RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - BorneanTiger - 04-06-2020

(04-06-2020, 11:56 AM)Ashutosh Wrote: Black bears, Brown bears and Rhinos are facing an increased threat because bear bile and rhino horn are components used in making Chinese Traditional medicine prescribed to treat coronavirus. Not good news as last year WHO gave approval to all of TCM and as pointed by @Rishi in post #347, trade in animal parts for traditional medicine is exempted by the Chinese govt.


I thought that the animal trade would suffer because COVD-19 came from a wet market, leading to unprecedented restrictions in China, but it seems that I was only partly right.

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Ashutosh - 04-06-2020

@BorneanTiger, it will suffer to a large extent. You see majority of animal trade in wet markets is for exotic meat which is consumed like pangolins, pythons, bats, etc. These animals have no place in traditional medicine. The ones that are used will have an increased pressure especially rhinos and bears as their parts are used in coronavirus treatment.

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - BorneanTiger - 04-08-2020

Scientists warn that the next pandemic may already be coming, unless we change the way we interact with wildlife: https://www.washingtonpost.com/science/2020/04/03/coronavirus-wildlife-environment/

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - BorneanTiger - 04-19-2020

- Amid the lockdown, rats are taking over in the UK and NZ.

In urban areas of the UK, because restaurants have closed, rats are looking elsewhere for food, coming into houses: https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/lockdown-driving-rats-homes-4058204

*This image is copyright of its original author

In NZ, because pest-controllers are in lockdown, and due to their being a surge in the population of rats last year, they are having a free rein in the cities, besides attacking other wildlife: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/18/boom-time-for-new-zealands-rats-as-lockdown-gives-them-free-rein-in-cities-aoe

A ship rat or black rat (Rattus rattus) attacks a fantail bird's nest in New Zealand. Tree climbing rats are a particular problem for birds that nest in holes where there is no escape. Photograph: NZ Department of Conservation / Nga Manu Images

*This image is copyright of its original author

- In Italy, besides cats, dogs and pigeons, roe deer, wild boar and wolves have taken over the streets in places like Rome, Milan and Turin: https://aroundworld24.com/2020/04/19/wolves-boars-and-bears-spotted-as-italian-lockdown-continues/https://www.arabnews.com/node/1661281/world

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - BorneanTiger - 04-21-2020

In TwitterIFS (Indian Forest Service) Officer Susanta Nanda posted a video of a dog jumping over a tall gate, while wagging its tail in such a way so as to make it look like a propeller: https://www.indiatoday.in/amp/trending-news/story/dog-jumps-over-tall-gate-in-hilarious-video-twitter-has-best-jokes-1666890-2020-04-14?fbclid=IwAR1qptY0QdTsUirp2YN-nxppvHF0cnbw05HNwjG9FNoKDJN4G99GhFGpuXs

*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Dark Jaguar - 04-22-2020

October 2014.

3 meters long and bruised Black Caiman at porto do São Raimundo beach -  Amazon.
It took local cops as well as the amazon environmental agents to remove the reptile from the beach.

The black caiman underwent a surgery to remove a harpoon stuck in its body and then was released in the wild to the black river in Amazon.

Cases of caimans being rescued in that area is not uncommon. in the prior year the Amazon environmental agents rescued more than 46 caimans in Manaus beaches.

*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Ashutosh - 05-07-2020

Asiatic wild ass aka Indian Onager (called khur in local language) were on the verge of extinction in the 1970s because of an outbreak African Horse fever. Decades of decent conservation has bumped up their numbers from about 700 to 6000 today. 

Their range has been expanding and has even gone into Rajasthan (historically their range overlapped with that of Asiatic cheetah from Gujarat to Iran). There are some plans to reintroduce them into their historical habitat once their numbers stabilise.



RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - fursan syed - 05-16-2020

Markhor aka Serpent Eater
A Short Overview

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Rishi - 05-17-2020

Ok the right image is of the Bandhavgarh herd. They arrived in 2018 & are still staying.

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Dark Jaguar - 05-20-2020

World's First Black Maned Wolf ever registered in Cerrado - Brazil


*This image is copyright of its original author

October 14th 2013    

By Bruno Moraes

The image isn't as clear. It's a little dark not so sharp. It was captured at night by photographic trapping equipment. Even so, two photos were enough to intrigue researchers and residents of the Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu Mosaic in northern Minas Gerais. Although there were some old reports in the region never a black maned wolf was officially recorded. Neither in photographs nor in bibliographies. Not there, nor anywhere else in the world. From now on, this differentiated canid is on the radar of specialists from the NGO Instituto Biotrópicos which monitors mammals in the region, supported by WWF-Brazil through the Cerrado-Pantanal Program.

The reddish color is one of the most striking characteristics of the maned wolf. For this reason some people were suspicious when they came across the first images of the black animal captured in the Veredas do Acari Sustainable Development Reserve, near the city of Chapada Gaúcha (MG).

*This image is copyright of its original author

"In literature there is no information about a maned wolf of this color. In the region, people said that it had been seen for many years, but was never photographed. We researched and came to the conclusion that this is the first record of a black maned wolf in the world. The morphology is the same of other maned wolves: long leg, big ear it is very characteristic of the species regardless of the color. We understand the mistrust because it's unprecedented photos at night where you can't see how clear it is but it's a maned wolf for sure" confirms Guilherme Ferreira, biologist of Biotrópicos responsible for the photographic trapping protocol.

The goal from now on is to learn more about this animal. His habits, behavior and above all the most intriguing: why does he have this coloring? "Our assessment will continue.  We intend to install more photographic traps in that area and who knows how to get a very clear image in the late afternoon or early morning," announces Ferreira.

photo: Instituto Biotrópicos

*This image is copyright of its original author

RE: Animal News (Except Bigcats) - Sanju - 06-04-2020

Madhya Pradesh’s ‘tall’ idea: Can we get giraffes from Africa ?


This is really absurd. Extant giraffe species is native to Africa and exotic to Indian subcontinent.

The giraffe genuses that lived in subcontinent are not even close relatives to modern ones and those niches are replaced millions of years ago. African giraffes are evolved to live in savannah, open woodlands and semi arid landscapes of Africa.

Giraffokeryx resembled an okapi or a small giraffe is an extinct genus of medium-sized giraffids known from the Miocene about 15 mya of the Indian subcontinent and Eurasia. It may have shared a clade with more massively built giraffids like Sivatherium

Sivatherium is an extinct genus of giraffids that ranged throughout Africa to the Indian subcontinent. Introducing completely different genus is insanity.