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Can trophy hunting help conservation of animals ?

United States Haymaker Online

(03-20-2017, 09:14 PM)Pckts Wrote: Unfortunately hunting is still used as an excuse for conservation, when I was in Tanzania, the three parks I went to were full of tourists, every lodge was full and animal sightings were plenty. I see no reason why they couldn't open the surrounding "hunting parks" to protected reserves and still generate the same revenue generated in the Serengeti, tarangire, ngorongoro, selous etc.
But I'm not naive to the situation, these parks generate high dollar western tourists and a profit to the entities who own them but I believe they could offer the same profits without killing animals.
Especially with the growing photography movement that is occurring.

I hate this trophy hunting stuff, because its the trophy hunters that originally killed off all the big lions right.  So that then wipes out the gene pool of large cats, so it decreases the size over all, and I would think that would be the same for the tiger, these cats must of been larger years ago before the hunters wiped them out.
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India sanjay Offline
Wildanimal Enthusiast

Trophy hunting is very sensitive matter to discuss, Recently An African Elephant fall into Victim of this in Timbavati.

According to Trophy Hunters, They are producing necessary money to protect the remaining healthy species of animals by killing Old animals. They bring lot of money which tourism and local conservation program can never bring to the state, this money can be used to protect rest of species from poachers who kills animal brutally.
To an extent this excuse can be justified but In reality, Trophy hunters motive is not this. The elephant they killed recently in Timbavati was a young bull and they took the permission of it from government by producing false report. Their mission is to make big money by killing any animal which their big fat customer demands. They do not promote or participate in conservation programs.
So in my opinion this should be illegal and African countries shouls stop it
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United States Ba Ba Lou Offline

trophy hunters and poachers both need to be hunted and killed in like manner that they kill animals.
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India Rishi Online
Regular Member
( This post was last modified: 03-23-2017, 10:58 AM by Rishi )

Let's talk about tigers & elephants (Wilc buffalo or rhino wont pose this challenge, they dont migrate & need little space)...Indian wildlife dept. is already struggling with funds!!!..

A lot of it actually goes to reimbursement of cattle kill...& rest of it to provide training/equipments to personnel for patrolling of new forest area they are reclaiming back.

New buffers are being designated & as the numbers increase, this issue will recochet out of control... Especially in the corridors where the animals survive the journey primarily by CATTLELIFTING!!!
The NTCA provides money for such in Tiger reserve areas but the tiger are moving out to occupy community managed & unprotected forests.
That will require several times larger funds!!!

Now, that will lead to conflict with th forest-dependent-communities...unless there are workshops & awareness drives & reaction/traquilising teams & fencing of the settlements & funds to provide them with stall-fed cattle, solar/LPV cookers to reduce their forest dependency & monitoring of speed along railways/highways throughout designated corridors.
Then there will be the upsurge in Man-eating, as they move to more human dominated forests...

Scope for ecotourism is pretty limited (Already those are monopolised by capitalists, local beniftt very little)..Maybe Betla, NorthBengal parks will show promise, BUT WHAT OF THE OTHER 90% AREA??!!!
Where will funding to manage those come from..??? 

No govt. spends the same amount it does to protect borders, on protecting what's within those borders!!!!!!!

After Indian tiger population crosses 5000, i guess we will have to consider entertaining the options  of sustainable hunting!!!!
The ousted & the old... the past-prime ones that won't live much longer & die a slow, painful death soon anyway...but before that might turn maneater or resort to full-on cattelifting & jeopardise the conservation efforts!!!
(Not the maneaters...Too much is at stake in those cases & also doing so might show tendency to declare more Maneaters for shooting..under political pressure)
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India Rishi Online
Regular Member

Ok.. ignore whatever i just said in my previous post!!!! ^^

I did some research..Turns out a lion hunt in Africa costs less than ₹50lakh.
NTCA annual budget is about ₹50 Crores, that means we'll have to permit 100 tiger hunts a year to barely double the funds, at comparable costs!!!

Now India govt. alotted ₹2800 Crores for Ganga-Yamuna pollution reduction!!!!!!!!!!! That mean A PETITION LETTER can achieve more than what a hundred tiger's life would!!!..

Also, the top ten Tiger Reserves average arround 150000 tourist each year ( the industry is growing at a rate of 15% per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also this...

*This image is copyright of its original author
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